Social Media Management

Making the time to monitor all your social media accounts can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to creating original relevant content. With social media, today being a primary medium of communication, it makes perfect sense for your business to be where your client base is, to help build organic traffic to your website and grow prospects for your brand.

Our team of social media experts can help you get the most out of social media for your business. Here's a break down of what we offer...


  • Features
  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

  • Youtube

  • Instagram

  • Profile Page Setup

  • Spam Prevention

  • Google Analytics

  • Scheduled Posts

  • Monthly Analysis

  • Targeted Marketing

  • £150.00
  • We will run 1 social
    media account for 30 days
  • Page/channel evaluation
  • Scheduled Posts
  • Optimisation of account
  • Removal of spam content
  • Daily posting of relevant
    content (Hash tag
  • Increase followers
  • Increased engagement
  • £350.00
  • We will run 2-3 social media
    accounts for 3 months
  • Everything in Basic Package
  • Enhanced /edited images
  • Customised gifs made
    through video content
  • Monthly analysis of all
    your pages through
    insights, metric data and
    Google analytics
  • Customised Ad campaigns
  • Brand awareness
  • Audio Content
  • £650.00
  • We will run 4-5 social media
    accounts for 6 months
  • Everything in Basic & Standard Package
  • Full SWOT analysis
  • Business Plan & strategy
  • Research on competitors
  • Increased revenue
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Interaction with



Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Social Media Management? Our FAQs provide answers to the most common queries. You can also contact our expert support team at any time.

What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is the process of creating, scheduling, analysing, and engaging your audience with content posted simultaneously all under one roof, to a multitude of platforms.

How Can Social Media Benefit My Business?

Save time – by scheduling posts in advance, you don't burden yourself with remembering what to post at peak hours during the day.

Understand your audience – by providing in-depth analytics that explains who is following you, where they're coming from, and what they want from your business.

Improve customer support – by creating a simple pathway for customers to inquire about your company through social media, and making it simple for you to respond.

Take control of your brand's identity – by allowing yourself to monitor comments and feedback more closely, and respond as quickly as possible.

Foster innovation – by encouraging creative collaboration across new platforms, for each social media campaign.

Do I need to have an existing social media account, or can I make a new one?

No you do not need to have an existing social media account. We can help make you a fresh, new social media page, depending on what it is you're after.

How often will my content be posted?

Typically, content will be posted 5-7 days a week. (One post per day). The amount of content posted per day can be negotiated upon request at an additional cost. These all vary depending on...

– The size of your company

– How often you plan on posting

– The type of services you require

– Which platforms you want to share content on

– The level of analytics you need

– Whether or not you'll provide customer service through social media

Do I need to provide the content of what I want posted, or will you do that for us?

Yes all images, audio, artwork, videos etc... need to be provided by yourselves in order for us to edit and use, for the purposes of posting on all necessary platforms stated by yourselves. For this reason, we are not liable or responsible for any copyright infringement based on image content, audio, artwork, videos that YOU the client/company provide us with. We do this as it gives you more freedom over what you do, and do not want posted.

Can Social Media help with my SEO?

Yes! Search Engine Optimization is one of the most vital pieces of the digital marketing puzzle. SEO determines where your website shows up in the Google search ranking for various keywords, that are relevant to the products or services that you offer. Social media is no different. For one, having multiple, active social media accounts that people visit often, can present another opportunity for those pages to rank highly on Google. In some local markets, a Facebook business page will actually come up on the first page in Google’s search results for relevant keywords. This creates an opportunity for people to see more than just your website presence. And, if you have a strong call to action and relevant information on your ranking social media page, then you create an additional opportunity for people to get in touch with you.

Even more importantly, social media is a way to build links back to your content. When you write an article for your blog and it’s shared by your followers and other businesses or influencers, this creates backlinks and drives traffic to your site, which ultimately helps your SEO.

What happens to all my images / videos / audio I provide after they are used?

The client/company understands that we do not own the rights to ANY material used and unused provided by yourselves. ALL content remains entirely with their respectful, rightful owners. Any material we do decide to use, will strictly be for portfolio purposes only.

Do you offer bespoke packages?

Yes we do. Depending on what you require, we can help work out a custom made bespoke package tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us for more information.